Thursday, October 3, 2013

What I Will

I will write now from the seat of my own authority… my mind.
I will not merge with a paradigm. I will not express myself by way of conformance to a paradigm. I will not measure my humanity relative to the mechanisms created for that purpose. My soul is above all such machines. The mind is fabulous beyond any invention of man or men. That such a thing as the mind can be viewed only as the tool by which one conforms themselves to the blunt instrumentalities of society… that is the death of human potential at the core.

Kneel before this machine if you must, if you will, if you fear the sensation of floating free. If a tether comforts you, if consensus convinces you, if the cubbyhole orders your world forever… then kneel before the machine. But don't take your children with you. Don't tell your friends. Don't spread your disease on facebook, or the water-cooler. Keep it to yourself. Make it your personal shame.

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