Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ten MInutes Gone

Yet another parking lot
Ten more minutes gone
I turn the engine off
She say's she won't be long

She said she won't be long
But ten more minutes on
I start the car to get some heat
Then redirect it on my feet
And stretch my back against the seat
As other people come and go
Their cars are there to let me know
I am forgotten on in this spot
This god forsaken parking lot

I check my watch and wonder why
And read a book as fading skies
Cause me to squint and hit the lights
As afternoon turns into night
I start to think, could I be wrong
My time eclipsed, my passing days
In parking lots where shoppers graze
Their faces block the sun and moon
I travel nowhere all alone
In parking lots ten miles wide
Where did she go, will she be long, I never know
Ten minutes gone.