Friday, April 26, 2013

Janis Ian

 I felt mildly self-conscious drawing during the Janis Ian show last night (4/25/13)... but the guy behind me must have fired off 3,000 digital pics with his huge camera. Each time he fired the camera you heard the chick-chick sound of the shutter. I'm sure it didn't bother him, in the same way that a screaming toddler never bothers mom on the train.

I wonder why he would want 3,000 pics of Janis Ian... when one would do. She didn't move much... did no flying leaps of amplifiers... she didn't fly across the stage on wire apparatus... she never slide across the stage on her back... and she didn't kneel down and do a guitar god manuever. She just stood there and sang and played. But this guy had to take 3,000 pictures none-the-less. Everyone snickers when considering that uncivilized people think the camera will steal their soul. Yet the civilized shutterbugs think the opposite, that the camera will capture to soul of another person, or a moment, or perhaps the meaning of their life. And this meaning must surely exister "OVER THERE"... at some external point they can aim their unblinking technological eye at... and passively absorb.

Janis Ian

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