Thursday, October 10, 2013

Right-Wing Christian Mothers

Are right wing, conservative women sexually aroused by thoughts of armed conflict?

Are christian moms of the religious right turned on by the thought of US Troops invading other countries?

Should christian moms dress in dominatrix leather with their breasts protruding be the ones to lead naked Spartan-like marines into battle with nothing but their boots and machine guns?

Should right-wing christian moms lead a solemn procession outside of the city, and beat Obama to death with their placentas?

Should christian moms bath in the blood of infidels and feed on their flesh, while repealing welfare benefits to generations of lazy minorities?

Should right-wing conservative christian moms lead their husbands by their testicles to a secret clearing where they give birth, and watch the children eat the fathers?

Should right-wing christian dads present themselves to the world as flayed spirits in the service of procreation... going where they must to rape and loot and kill... and lay the spoils of war at the pudgy toes of right wing christian moms?

Should right wing christian moms spread their legs as evidence of their divinity... the all seeing eye.

The shell casings of US Marines dance off the tarmac at foreign airports as fire-fights rage for christian moms to squeeze a pillow between their thighs.

Right wing christian mothers of the world... you russian dolls... buried ten layers deep in social sanction... made women... untouchable... moralizing, blood slurping makers of insanity. Shut the fuck up.
Onward christian mothers, marching on to war,  does the cross of Jesus, making up for having been whores.

Then silence fell over the face of deep irrelevance, where right-wing christian mothers slumber through their endless nights.

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