Monday, December 31, 2012

Head of a child

Of what beauty I saw there
In that cheek and chestnut hair
A glimpse if that to make my way
And faded light to scrape the floor
Withholding breath for what's to come
With falling leaves what's done is done
But still in all as time has shown
As other world's have come and gone
Our dreams of each other
Are held in reserve
To explain who we are

"Head Of A Child", Picasso, 1896


  1. Do you believe if i purchasd the barnstone videos on drawing..would it b helpful??

  2. Barnstone's drawing lectures are quite interesting as theory and as theater. He effectively articulates some fundamentals of drawing, and provides many examples and demonstrations. I took his drawing class TWICE, and I learned a lot.

    However, I had 4 years of full-time art school going into it, which gave me some context for his overbearing know-it-all-ism. If you are more of a beginner, you'd be better off taking a drawing class in person somewhere... anywhere. The class might really suck (they often do), but there's nothing like actually engaging in the difficulties of drawing to bring the issues of art to the surface.

    Once such issues are brought up and you're dealing with them actively... at that point Barnstone's theories can be useful, and will probably clarify some things. However, if you indulge in Barnstone's approach as a total beginner, you might be mesmerized by his sense of authority, which can have the effect of stunting your own engagement of art. I kid you not.

    I covered many of these potential dangers in my several essays on "The Problem with Barnstone".