Tuesday, December 18, 2012

For Lance Armstrong

I am disgusted by the way so many have abandoned Lance Armstrong. They cave in to the supposed moral authority of Anti-Doping agencies, whose methods are a witch hunt, and whose faceless bureaucrats are gutting the sport.

People... It's time to stand up and get beside your heroes ... Lance Armstrong came back FROM THE DEAD to win the Tour 7 times. There are all kinds of nuanced discussions one can have regarding this doping in cycling, and this case, etc... but to dump Armstrong and flock to the big-brother authority is so weak that it makes me sick to my stomach. It's simply a way for the weak willed to find closure, even if it goes against history. Namby-pampby moralizing while a great man gets pounded by dogs. This insipid behavior makes one thing clear... that there is nothing that the system can't snatch from the hearts of the weak... no history that can't be annihilated for those with no backbone... no lie that is too big to swallow for those who want everything to just go away.

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