Monday, November 2, 2015

Drag forever

Cold breeze naked breath foot's heel hard pavement pounded
To bone and flesh resists, is persuaded giving way as pain.
Walk around the block again.

Limo stretched and soft, white tinted windowed riders
Hide from gazes they require
To ride the limo there for hire.

Trash cars, some have missed, in alleys some have pissed,
And puddles like a forest, of broken glass gathered in cool clear waters.

Bricks curved extreme root presence. Persistent roots soft unrelented.
Soft like water, soft like erosion, soft like death,
Collapsed implosion sweeps encompassing nothing to the bottom of the sea.

Leaves and twigs stick dirt granite ground.
Drive forever for nothings around but streets to go down, streets to go down.
Parking and walking or turning around.
Walking forever to where you are bound, only streets to go down, streets to go down.

Who is too cold in my mind designed the t-shirt finds me missing more from door to door
And stately clocks from block to block announce the endless table's brown light trim
With purple chairs fat asses in.

Flash again, flash the buffer, flush the toilet and the lover.
Move out spin round and then again,
Circumstances find me reeling from my self imposed drop ceiling
And muffled noises and the choices
Whispered here in all my voices.

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