Friday, August 30, 2013

Wooden Structure

Imagine you have a wooden structure the size and shape of a shoebox, and that you nailed this structure to a white wall. Over the course of the day you observe light from an adjacent window illuminating the structure, which casts a variety of shadows as the sun moves across the sky. Then someone enters the room and places a baseball inside the structure. Then someone enters the room and attaches a light fixture to the top of the structure so that a bulb can shine down on the baseball at all times.

What conclusions can be drawn from this?


  1. 1. The desire for control.
    2. Natural shifting light is undesirable.
    3. Artificial light is a better representation than natural.
    4. Immutability of expression.
    5. Baseballs should stay outdoors

    1. Excellent response. Naturally, I have my own idea of what the scenario means, but your points intersect my ideas in some ways.